Saturday, February 4, 2012

September 19, 2011

"Honey, what am I looking at here?" This is the question I hear coming from the bathroom while I sit in the living room with the biggest grin on my face! Little did Hubby know... when he came home from work that Monday, he was going to be seeing a big ol' plus sign greeting him!

Sunday morning at church, I just hadn't been feeling myself. My tummy was gurgly, and my emotions weren't the best. I knew my monthly visitor was due any day, though, and didn't pay it much mind.

{Of course, it was ALWAYS in the back of my hopeful mind...}

I slept it off that afternoon and headed to school the next morning, still not feeling myself. I had a brief moment of heartburn around one of my coworkers, and she immediately asked if I was pregnant. "Not that I know of!" was my response. However, I knew right then that I'd be stopping off at the grocery store for a pack of tests on my way home that evening.

I couldn't even wait til Hubby got home... I took a test right away, and right away it showed me the image I had been praying for! I couldn't help but laugh, cry, pray, you name it! I left the test for him to see, and I set out to take my first of many, many naps over the next several weeks!

It was a wonderful Monday! :-)

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